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About Phoenix Krav Maga

Phoenix Krav Maga is fully licensed by the IKMF, we are based in Celbridge, Co. Kildare (10 minutes outside South Co. Dublin). Our aim is to deliver high quality self defense training, to prepare you for ANY confrontation. We aim to deliver this training by focusing on the guiding principles of Krav Maga:

With Phoenix Krav Maga, you will learn to deal with a wide range of confrontations, either by de-escalating and avoiding potential attacks completely, or by disabling the attacker if necessary. The types of attacks that you will learn to deal with using Krav Maga include:

Knife Attacks - Defending yourself from knife threats and stab attacks from all angles


Assaults - Dealing with an attacker who is trying to punch/kick you


Chokes and holds - Releasing yourself from a wide range of chokes and grabs including attempts to strangle you


De-escalation - avoiding an attack completely by reading body language and dissuading/pre-empting an attack


Ground Fighting - Dealing with  a range of attacks while on the ground


Handgun threats - Defending yourself from threats with a handgun by disarming and neutralizing the attacker


Multiple attackers - Protecting yourself and others by learning how to deal with multiple attackers


Defence against sticks/baseball bat attacks - Learn to defend yourself from attacks with a stick or baseball bat.

We are aware that without the will to act, no training will allow you to overcome the attacker and protect yourself. Krav Maga focuses not only on preparing you physically, but also mentally. Pressure drills and scenario training are included in EVERY class so that you are prepared physically AND mentally.


There is also a strong focus on enhancing physical fitness. Krav Maga is for everyone of all shapes and sizes, you don't need to be fit, or have prior experience. You WILL get fit while learning how to protect yourself!

Counter attacking as soon as possible, or pre-empting an attack with your own offence


Attacking with maximum efficiency to neutralise ANY attacker fast, regardless of their size or strength


Targeting vulnerable points of the body to neutralise the attacker, including the groin, the face and the eyes


Awareness of your surroundings (scanning) during and after an attack, so that you can escape to safety