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When you join one of our beginner’s groups you get:

In your initial 3 months you will learn:

What happens after your first 3 months of training?

Here’s our full timetable:

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Next Beginners Classes

Because when you join Phoenix Krav Maga’s Beginners Term, you learn reality-based self-defence that is used worldwide by many law enforcement and specialised units, because it delivers results quickly. All while getting a great workout!

  • Free club t-shirt

  • Access to a weekly Beginners only class in Celbridge or Maynooth

  • Free 2 hour session on the last Saturday of each month


All with a qualified, tested and graded IKMF Krav Maga Instructor.

  • Recognising and preventing attacks altogether

  • De-escalation techniques and recognising potentially dangerous        situations

  • How to Punch and kick effectively, regardless of stature

  • A variety of other strikes such as elbows and knees

  • Defending against attacks, including knife attacks

  • Preventing and escaping from a variety of chokes and holds

  • Using the environment to defend yourself

  • Training to deal with a variety of scenarios

You’ll have covered the first level/grade in Krav Maga (Practitioner 1) which focuses on self-defence.

When you complete 3 months of training, you can then attend our full timetable of classes and join our Intermediate/Advanced classes to train with an Expert Rank Krav Maga instructor.

You can get started for €15 - Try a Beginners class - €15, this amount is deducted from your first months cost.


Join a Beginners Term - €50 per month, training once per week and for free in our 2 hour Saturday session


Intermediate/Advanced - €60 per month for access to full schedule

How do you get started?

You can sign-up to try our Beginners Classes for €15, at the end of the class if you want to join you can!

Book your place in our next Beginners Only Intro Class, after the class if you want to join you can, by paying €50 for your first month of training, then you'll get:


  • Your free club t-shirt

  • Access to weekly class in Maynooth or Celbridge

  • Free 2 hour session on the last Saturday of each month

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