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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Learn Krav Maga?

•Boost your confidence

•Get fit and lose weight

•Enhance your safety and awareness

•Improve your ability to protect yourself and others

•Its great fun!

Do I need to be fit?

No. Krav Maga is aimed at people of all shapes and sizes; you do not need to be fit. Every training session will be geared towards all levels of fitness. You don't need to be fit to start, but you WILL improve your fitness.

Do I need to have martial arts experience?

Krav Maga has been designed so that it is learned fast and the techniques are easily retained. No martial arts experience is necessary. Krav Maga can be used by women and men, no matter what your physical size. You will learn to maximize your strength and power by properly using your own body when performing every technique.

What equipment do I need?

Groin protection and a gum shield are recommended, as are a pair of light, open fingered gloves (MMA gloves). Workout attire is recommended, as is a small towel, and some water. Talk to your instructor for more information.

What is a typical class like?

Each class usually lasts 60 minutes; it generally starts with a warm-up, followed by some conditioning. From there, the rest of the class consists of learning and practicing techniques, along with "pressure testing" (applying what you have learned under simulated stress).

What kind of situations will I learn to deal with?

Krav Maga is a reality based self defence system. You will learn to protect yourself and others, and to deal with a variety of potentially deadly situations. The goal is for you to either avoid/diffuse a situation, or if needed, defend yourself by disabling an attacker. Krav Maga covers everything from chokes/holds, to knife and gun threats.

Are there any competitions or tournaments for Krav Maga?

No, Krav Maga is reality based. The aim is to get out of any dangerous confrontation safely and without injury. In any situation where you must use force, the aim is to neutralise the attacker with the amount of force needed to do so, and escape.